K. Brown

K. Brown

I had no intentions of contributing to this book as an author but rather as an editor.  After reading/editing the stories from a few of these amazing authors there was literally a fire inside of me and I had to put pen to paper to get my thoughts recorded.  That's how powerful this book is, I literally couldn’t resist getting these words out.  I sent what I wrote to Mat (a brother I served with from 2004 - 2009) along with the edited stories and the decision was made to include my thoughts in this book - raw emotion at its finest.

Born in the wonderful suburbs of Chicago, I enlisted in the Army shortly after high school as a Scout (19D).  Everyone has their reasons as to why they join military.  Mine was selfish, I wanted to go to college and needed a way to pay for it.  Little did I know that during my enlistment I would form bonds and relationships with my fellow soldiers that are stronger than I could have imagined.  Those that I served with directly are forever my battles, my brothers.  

After my time as an active duty soldier I transitioned to the Illinois National Guard and attended college.  I double majored and graduated in 3 years.  I approached college similar to the way I approached going on a mission overseas, I was there to do a job. I have a great job working for a technology company as a member of the sales team. 

As a young man still in high school I lost my older sister to suicide.  My family and I have since been very involved in supporting suicide prevention and awareness programs locally.  It truly breaks my heart when I hear of soldiers who take their own life.  Knowing the effects of suicide on the survivors first hand I've decided to donate to TAPS - Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors.  It's a great organization and I encourage you to take a look at their mission statement.

I still have a very militaresque way of thinking and approaching tasks and actions I need to complete at work and home.  I learned a lot about what I was capable of accomplishing during my time in the military, I know I can do just about anything.  Remember folks, failure is not an option.

I currently reside in Chicago with my amazingly talented and beautiful wife and daughter.