I was born and raised in Evansville, IN by a single mother. I have two half siblings, an older brother and younger sister. I am a father of two lovely boys ages 7 and 3, and I try to be a loving husband. On March 4th, 2001, I enlisted in the United States Army in Louisville, KY as an enlisted Tanker 19K. During my 15 years in the Army, I was awarded 3 MOS's 19K, 19D, and 18C and retired as a Sergeant First Class. I never regret what I have gone through and experienced during my time in the Army and I wouldn't trade that time for any other in the world. The experiences have made me a stronger person all around.

When I started my entry into this book, I was reluctant to participate. I received a phone call from a friend that told me that we lost another battle to suicide. It's crazy how someone can be here one minute and gone the next. I was crushed, but that was all the confirmation that I needed to put my words on paper. No soldier likes to make himself vulnerable to other people, so we don't talk. We are trained to shove the shit down and continue the mission. The stories in this book are a privilege to read because there are doctors that are trying to get service members to open up and after lengthy treatments, we still won't do it. I hope that some find peace in knowing that you aren't alone in this fight. We lose too many good men and women because they think there is no way out.

Today I live outside of Boston, MA where I am a Medical Marijuana Advocate for veteran service members. I believe that accompanied with the right tools we can actively reduce the veteran suicide rate.

I would like to dedicate my entry to every family that has lost a soldier in this battle.